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‘Know Your Rights Pakistan’ App Launched

An app named ‘Know Your Rights Pakistan’ has been launched with an aim to educate the Pakistani students of their rights. In order to ensure that each & every Pakistani citizen is aware of his/her rights, the app has been developed. Nobody can violate your rights now, as the app will create awareness in the society.

We all know and are continuously taught about our rights. Safeguarding our rights is our responsibility and the responsibility of the society as a whole. The basic rights include individual freedom from any breach by government, business, social organizations and individuals. Rights create equality in the system and uplift justice as there cannot be any discrimination, when everyone’s right is protected. But we do witness discrimination and injustice in society because we do not even know of our rights?

The basic rights include the physical and mental integrity, right of life and security, protection against any racial, identify based, color or gender based discrimination, freedom of religion, freedom of having affiliations and the list goes on.

Pakistani constitutions gives a variety of rights to its citizens that are violated because of unawareness about these rights. The app in one platform incorporates all the basic rights of Pakistani citizens. They are easy to read and quite helpful for enhanced understanding.

We will share a few rights will our readers, as mentioned in the app.