Know Your Rights, How To Complaint Against Any Federal Employee Or Organization In Pakistan

In Pakistan, people come across maladministration, abuse, injustice and unfair treatment by government employees working in a particular organization every day. Most of the people living in Pakistan do not know what their rights are and how they can file a complaint/case against organizations and employees which become culprit instead of providing them fair public services.

The Organization (Federal Ombudsman Of Pakistan)

Federal Ombudsman Of Pakistan or generally known as Wafaqi mohtasib is the organization whose sole purpose is to receive complaints from public and file cases against the organizations, personnel, institutes, agencies or corporations if they have treated general public unfairly.

Who Can Register A Complaint

Any civilian who becomes the victim of maladministration can register a complaint against any federal government employee or entire organization. Moreover, women can also file a complaint against anyone in case of harassment.

What Organizations Comes Under FOP

Here is the list of organizations that comes under the Federal Ombudsman Of Pakistan. You can complaint against any of them. However, complaints on the following matters are not entertained by the organization:

  • defense matters
  • external Affairs
  • matters that are sub-judice
  • Service matters

The organization has announced that KESC also comes under Wafaqi mohtasib.

How To Register A Complaint

There are several ways to register a complaint; it’s quite quick and easy

  • Online complaint registration

You can go the website  and file an online complaint by just filling up the form. You can also check the status of your complaint on the website.

  • By post

You can download the form available on the website FORM A  complete it and send it to the designated office of the organization near your city.

  • By visiting the office

You have to do the same process of downloading FORM A and fill it with your particulars, after that you can walk in the office and submit this complaint by hand.

  • Via Email

You can also send an email in order to file a complaint. The email addresses of different offices are listed below.


List Of Offices In Other Cities

Here is the list of offices located in various cities other than Islamabad.


wafaqi mohtasib office


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