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Knorr Noodles Beats Maggi With 55% Market Share in Pakistan

Knorr Noodles

Instant noodles are not really a part of Pakistan’s traditional Cuisine but it is becoming more and more popular in recent years, especially kids like them all the time. However, the popularity is also gaining momentum among adolescences and others. Secondly, the lifestyle is diversifying in Pakistan, busyness makes it more attractive to people because it only takes minutes to prepare and yet you can have a complete meal.

The very first introduced instant noodles in Pakistan was Maggi, a product of Nestle was introduced in 1992, Maggi was more popular in early days but Knorr a brand of Unilever introduced instant noodles in 1993. Knorr became more popular because of its flavors and marketing strategy.   

Knorr currently holds 55% market share of instant noodles in Pakistan While Maggi stands at 35%

Shan Foods has also introduced Shoop noodles in the market in 2012, it is less popular in the market and sometimes not available in various outlets. However, it covers a handsome portion of market share. Knorr noodles have become the number 1 choice among kids over the years.

Nestle noodles market share and sales in India in 2015, Source: Fortune

On the other hand, Maggi noodles were more popular in other markets that Pakistan including India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. In India Maggi Noodles once held 90% market share which gradually decreased to 63% before the nationwide ban was imposed on it due to health hazards by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.  But according to Fortune’s report published in 2016, the Nestle India debacle was due to a conspiracy against Nestle which cost it almost half a billion. Other noodles like Bambino Agro’s market share spiked from 10% to 30% during the ban on the company.

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  1. it is because of poor marketing strategy and no addition of varieties that are available in india and outside of it..
    knorr noodles are literal worst because they also dont make new flavors and are stuck with only two flavors as of 2019.. i think thier should come a new competition with 20 rupees pack and hit knorr badly by using natural wheat instead of refined

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