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Kissing Competition Held in an Indian State to Cut Divorce Rates

Despite being a socially not acceptable or not much-appreciated thing, an “open-air” kissing competition was held in Jharkhand—India. Jharkhand is a conservative Indian state. This competition was held to celebrate love and romance between the married couples.

Several married couples actively participated in the competition held on Sunday at the Dumaria Village of Pakur district—situated at three hundred and twenty-one kilometers from Ranchi—the state capital.

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The Indian media reported that according to the competition organizers the contest was held as an initiative to restraint the ever-rising cases of divorce and disputes between the married couples in the tribal community.

Simon Marandi—the Head of the Organizing Committee said that the tribal people are less educated and innocent, owing to this reason the family system is not much strong and is weakening. For making them realize and understand family structure and responsibilities within a family the idea of kissing contest was comprehended.

Marandi had a long history of arranging and organizing many fun-filled village fairs incorporating many competitions and contests for keeping the villagers thrilled and entertained. Previously competitions like archery, running competition and tribal dances had been hosted by these village fairs.

The kissing competition is new and made it to the yearly fair for the very first time since its commencement which dates back to thirty-seven years.

I hope that may this initiative prove a success in combating the divorce rates. The young couples should be counseled and must be taught the art to have conversations about resolving issues that would for sure prove much more beneficial for the couples.

This contest might serve the purpose of its initiation or not at least it kept the married couples and the village spectators thrilled and excited.

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