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Kinnow Exports Might Decrease this Season

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Kinnow exports are expected to decrease this season.

The old farming practices have led to the destruction in the fruit’s quality in Pakistan, which in turn has made the exporters less competitive in the international market, as informed by the Patron-in-Chief of the All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association—Waheed Ahmed.

He said in a statement that the Kinnow exports of Pakistan would be lower by 50,000 tons in the present financial year in comparison to the earlier years as the competitors of Pakistan were giving a tough time in the international market.

He said that the exports of Kinnow from Pakistan have just begun and the exporters have set a target of 300,000 tons for the present season, which is anticipated to bring $194 million in the foreign exchange.

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He said that of the expected production of 2.2 million tons, nearly 15-20percent would be exported.

The exporters of Pakistan focus less on the European market as they are afraid of the imposition of a ban on the fruits of the country owing to the substandard quality. This also makes other nations cautious. He revealed that the exporters had purposefully halted the exports of Kinnow to Europe, fearing a ban over the issues of quality.

The majority of Kinnow were exported to Russia but last year the businessmen of Pakistan suffered heavy losses owing to the competing nations offering better varieties at lesser prices.

He added that because of the tough competition in Russia, the exporters had to sell Kinnow at much lower prices than the actual shipping cost, which resulted in a loss of nearly $6 million.

Waheed Ahmed also said that there is a need for harvesting new varieties of citrus fruits.

He said that the season of citrus fruits is limited to 4 months, but, with the production of the new varieties, it could be extended to 8 months, which means the exporters would have a longer time span to export and surge the export volume.

But he cautioned that the formation of new orchards could take a span of 4-5 years.

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