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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to invest $64 billion in the country’s entertainment sector

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to invest $64 billion in country’s entertainment sector over the coming decade, as Saudi Arabia initiated a programme of social and economic reforms, a government official said on Thursday.

Ahmad bin Aqeel al-Khitab, the General Entertainment Authority chief, said the money we are going to invest in entertainment sector will come from both the government and the private sectors of the country. The entertainment authority has planned more than 5,000 events for 2018.

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“We are already building the infrastructure, and the ground had been broken for an opera house, God willing, you will see a real change in the Saudi Kingdom by 2020,” Khitab said in a statement.

In recent months, the government of the Kingdom has organized many concerts, open cinemas for the masses, allowed Saudi women to witness football matches in the stadium, allowed women to drive a car, and a mixed-gender national day celebration that saw people are dancing in the streets enjoy the electronic music for the first time.

The investment in the entertainment sector of the conservative Saudi Kingdom is a part of a Saudi reforms programme called “Vision 2030” championed by the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.