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Killer Whale sighted near Churna Island in rare event

killer whale

While looking for fish, fisherman Muhammad Muneeb recorded a killer whale around 50 kilometers southwest of Churna Island. As per WWF-Pakistan it is the first at any point recorded sighting of the creature in Pakistani waters.

The killer whale, otherwise called orca, is viewed as the most powerful predator on earth and has been accounted for on just a couple of events from Oman and the Persian Gulf. Be that as it may, it is rarely found in the northern Arabian Sea. No valid record of this species is known from Pakistani waters up till now. As per the fisherman, the pod comprised of three orcas, which were feeding on a school of queenfish.

Muhammad Moazzam Khan, Technical Advisor (Marine Fisheries), WWF-Pakistan, affirmed the report of the event of the killer whale and said that it was of colossal significance as no killer whale was ever detailed amid past cetacean reviews, which were started in 2003.

An adult killer whale consumes 100-300 pounds of food a day

He shared that killer whales were the most broadly distributed marine warm blooded creatures, found in all parts of the seas.

In any case, these whales are of uncommon occurrence in the Arabian Sea. The killer whale is known as Orcinus orca and belongs to the order Odontoceti, which incorporates every single toothed whale and dolphins.

Killer whales are typically found in deep water, notwithstanding, the depth of water where the creature was located is just 72 meters.

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