Kia Sportage launches in Pakistan soon

KIA Lucky Motors is planning to launch Kia Sportage SUV in Pakistan within the next 3 to 4 months. Kia has not revealed the price of the car yet according to Pakistan Today.

It has also been rumoured that KIA Lucky Motors is planning to launch Rio Hatchback in Pakistan at the price 1.4 million in Pakistan. The news was first reported by Pakistan Today and now making rounds on social media, PakWheels contacted KIA to comment on the news but the company official said there is no authenticity in the story being shared on social media.

He said the company has not decided yet which Kia passenger cars to be launched in Pakistan, the official said the company has displayed various Kia Rio models in their showroom for market research purposes only.

He clearly informed that this didn’t mean the company is planning to launch all these models in Pakistan. The company is in a testing phase, the market is being tested and we are collecting the data after that company would be able to decide which model to launch in Pakistan.

PakWheels only mentioned the Kia Rio and Kia Sportage 2018 price and reviews it could be global as well and the price is an estimation. PakWheels never claimed that the company is launching Rio and Sportage models in Pakistan. It is Pakistan Today who is creating such stories based on PakWheels reviews.

However, the current news about Kia Motors to launch Sportage 2018 SUV in Pakistan is true, the official said while talking to PakWheels that it is the authentic news that Kia Lucky motors is going to launch KIA Sportage (CBU) a 2000cc, SUV in the next few months.

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