Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Closes 150 Schools Having Less Than 50 Enrolments

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Elementary and Secondary Education Department has shut down as many as one hundred and fifty schools in the district during the span of last three years because of low enrolment and shifted their pupils and teachers to the nearby schools.

As per the new educational policy of the KP government based on distance and enrolment with other schools, all the schools with the count of students less than fifty with the condition of 1.5,3 and 5 kilometres distance of the primary, middle and high schools accordingly were shut down.

Under the new education policy of the KP government one hundred and fifty schools of both male and female have been closed during the time span of 2015-2017. The closed schools include three middle schools for boys, one hundred and forty-one primary schools and nine schools for girls. The staff and the students of the closed schools were shifted to the nearest other educational institutions.

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The people of the localities where the schools were closed were unable to make their children continue education in the other schools because of many reasons, which are—some could not afford the public transportation facility available or the special vehicle for their children or some claim that it is difficult to travel three to five kilometres in a hilly area as compared to plain areas so it is much better to stop the education of the children altogether than to send them to such areas especially female students.

Qari Noor Hussain—General Member Tehsil Council Ghazi said that after the closure of the primary girls’ school in his village where twenty-seven students were enrolled fifteen to twenty students left education as their school was merged with the Lall Khanpur and Kaneer Banda which was at 1.5 kilometres away from village, because of the difficult land patterns parents did not permit their children to continue their education.

He further informed that the people mostly to get affected by the new education policy of KP are the people of the hilly areas where there are mostly no developed roads and traffic facilities owing to these reasons parents do not wish to send their children especially female students to the schools in the present conditions.

Omer Khan Kundi—District Education Officer (DEO) Haripur mentioned that a hundred primary schools were closed—these schools were one room setups with one teacher—Masjid schools—these settings were changed to primary schools, but they failed to bring in enrolments and hence were then merged with the nearest available schools.

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