Khunjerab Pass Opened Temporarily to Facilitate Bilateral Trade

khunjerab pass

The Khunjerab Pass has been opened temporarily for facilitating the bilateral trade. It has been opened until the month-end.

2 containers carrying medical equipment that has been donated by the Xinjiang province to the police department of Gilgit Baltistan reached Khunjerab pass after its opening.

The ministry of foreign affairs had sent a letter to the embassy of China in Pakistan on the 18th of August, suggesting that the border should be kept open until the 31st of December to facilitate the trade activities.

The letter had also proposed that the containers from the Chinese side should be unloaded at the Sost dry port instead of the Khunjerab top.

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The pass was closed for the trade activities and travel between the two nations in May this year owing to the coronavirus epidemic.

Normally, the border remains open for trade and travel from the 1st of May until the end of November every year.

As per a letter issued by the embassy of China the border would remain open from the 18th of September until the 30th of September.

The Pakistan Customs officials said that the stranded containers of the Pakistani traders in China would move across the border under the strict SOPs for containing the transmission of COVID-19.

Previously, the traders of GB had asked the foreign affairs ministry to request the Chinese authorities to reopen the border as thousands of people associated with the border trade had become jobless owing to its continued closure.

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