Simplifies Procurement and Push Your Business in the Digital Era

The literal meaning of procurement is to buy or obtain goods and services. The process of procurement, especially for businesses and startups, is not as easy as it sounds. First, you need to send a request for quotation, then follow-up, receive quotations from vendors, enter them on excel, make a comparative analysis and then at the end place your order.

Is it possible that the whole procurement procedure gets easier and less time-consuming?

It is now, through

Through you can streamline your procurement processes while saving cost and time.

What is

A platform that has provided ease in the whole procurement process.

Khareed provides its users to find almost any product by giving them price quotations from reliable vendors. One can find prices from different vendors, of thousands of products available on Khareed’s online store or use Request a Quote form to find information on the product you desire. Then within 24 hours, the Khareed’s team will get back to you with information having multiple price quotations relating to your desired product.

From the reliable choices provided, you can choose any vendor as per your preference. Then you can directly contact the vendor and place order for your product.

The whole procurement procedure has been automated. The software will automatically send emails to your vendors, generate PDFs, create comparatives etc. You just need to visit Khareed’s website and request for quotation.

Who can use – Buyers

Anybody and Everybody

Individuals: Those of you looking to buy expensive gadgets, household equipment can use to have clarity on the prices of those items. The online Request a Quote form offered by Khareed is completely free. Multiple price quotations will be given to the individual who can then chose the best vendor.

Enterprise Clients: The enterprise clients of can sign up to the cloud-based e-procurement application called Prism. This app provides an easy-to-use platform for demanding price quotes and handling procurement spend. Companies who want to make their procurement process professional by reducing their costs should use Prism. The time and money of companies can be saved via this process. With a single click, they will be given price quotations from different vendors about the desired product.

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 Who can use – Sellers

The platform provided by is not just for buyers. It is a great opportunity for sellers as well to increase their clients and uplift their sales.

Via firms can develop their very own e-commerce storefront. Buyers all across the world can find them via this platform.

Spectrum Sales application is specifically for sellers to list all their products, give feedback to clients and submit their price quotations and invoices.

Spectrum allows a company to professionalize their sales and receive large volume leads from reliable buyers.

How to get registered on

For any regular visitor, the process for requesting a quote is quite simple. On its homepage, Khareed provides ‘Request a Quote’ feature. Users have to select the product category, description of product, quantity, and unit of measure. Then you will be provided with a list of vendors who have that product along with the price they are offering it at. After this, you can directly communicate with the respective vendors and negotiate further on the price.

Request a quote feature can be used by anybody.

Now those who manage a larger business and want to buy same items in different time frames can use Khareed’s subscription-based service. This service provides more advantages other than just a simple quote requested.

The packages are for two categories of people. One is those who want to sell and second, is for those who want to simplify their procurement process.
There are four packages for Spectrum Sales namely, Proprietor (free), Merchant (5,000 PKR/Month), Commercial (10,000 PKR/Month) and Corporate (25,000 PKR/Month).

The prices go up with Merchant category as it adds capabilities like invoicing, transaction history, workflows, approvals etc.

The four packages for Prism Procurement are Professional (10,000 PKR/Month), Commercial (25,000 PKR/Month), Corporate (48,000 PKR/Month), and Enterprise (125,000 PKR/Month).

The added advantage in the categories as the price goes up is contact books, market analytics, purchase orders, transactions history and physical sourcing support.


How is different from its competitors?

There are many international tech firms that are providing similar services to Khareed but Khareed is specifically targeting companies and individuals in Pakistan.

Users just need to register on Khareed’s website and then start using it.

Benefits of using

  • Improve Procurement Efficiency
  • Optimize Procurement Process
  • Save traditional Procurement Cost (As the whole procedure is online)
  • Find reliable suppliers
  • Ensure Transparency
  • Customer Satisfaction &  Ease

In a couple of years, has achieved milestones. Many startups, companies, and individuals are using this platform to purchase products as their services are reliable and there is no third-party intervention. You can know all the details and price range of a product from the comfort of your home.

From the birth of an idea, till all its development stages, the developers of the idea have a constant companion. This companion is called critic and skeptic. This companion tries to put the idea down, discourage you, tell you that you are going in the wrong direction but the answer to all these negative remarks is your has answered all its critics with its continued success.