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Khanani And Kalia Director, Altaf Khanani Revealed 21 Businesses Involved In Money Laundering

The director of Khanani and Kalia, Mr. Altaf Khanani has revealed names of 21 businesses and individuals who have used illegal procedure for the transfer of money in foreign countries. They have used Hawala and Hundi channels for this hanky-panky.

Khanani and Kalia was a big name as a foreign exchange company in Pakistan until its license was taken and the company closed down during Pakistan Forex Scam Case. Khanani and Kalia were given a fine of $250,000 and a sentence for 5 years and 8 months in prison for money laundering. Now the director of this company has given this statement in US, therefore Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan the interior Minister has ordered for a re-investigation.

During this re-investigation it was disclosed that 21 companies and people used illegal channel to transfer almost Rs 356.2 million in foreign countries. The names of these firms and people are still not specified. Though this is confirmed by Federal Investigation Agency officer that more investigations are being carried out and action will be taken once the whole procedure is completed.

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As per the documents existing by Express Investigation Cell the names of the individuals who are charged for this crime are Imran Ahmed, Sara Abbas, Akhtar Ali Abbasi, Itrat Ahmed, Amir Quettawala, Shahzad, Rahila Rahmatullah Imlani, Muhammad Tariq, Marium Tareen, Dr Haroon Siddiqui, Naeem Munshi, Haroon Chanda, M Qasim, M/S Murtuza Traders, Dawn Bread, Ahmed Syed Irfan, Dr Altaf Ghaffar Piracha, Dania Enterprises Karachi, Amjad Ali, Channel Tech Karachi, Rashid Ali Malik and Mubarak Ali.

Mr Altaf Khanani, the person who confessed these names, was himself arrested by US Drug Enforcement Administration. He admitted to his crimes. Now it seems he wants other criminals inside bars as well.

Via Tribune