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Khaled Anam Launches a YouTube Channel for Kids

Khaled Anam

Khaled Anam has launched a YouTube channel for the kids. The veteran actor is also playing his special role, for the education and entertainment of the children in the country via his newly introduced channel, CEEP official.

The channel is called “CEEP” which is named after oyster. As per Khaled Anam, the channel is fun, entertaining, easy, colorful, and is a means of attracting the younger generation to learn their own national language, Urdu.

The actor hopes to create new content with original rhymes and basics and has the desire to make sure that it encompasses all the rhythm and rhymes in the local languages.

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Khaled Anam said that he wants to make such stuff, which is in all the languages of Pakistan. He further added that music is his forte, so he would be composing the rhymes in easy melodies for the kids in order to give them easier spoken words so that it becomes easier for them to learn the language. He referred to it as a preschool preparation portal.

He also indicated that even the grownups are drifting away from the national and provincial languages. He mentioned that he conducted a survey in which more than 50 percent of the grownups were not knowing the Urdu alphabets.

Via this channel the veteran actor hopes of creating a connection between the Urdu language and the generations.

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