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Kerala Professor Says Women Who Wear Jeans Give Birth to Transgenders

An Indian Professor has displeased all by initiating a controversy with his remarks relating women who wear jeans and “dress like men”. As per his remarks, such women “ends up giving birth to transgenders”.

A Botany professor—Rajith Kumar made these weird remarks during an awareness class for the students in Kerala’s Kasaragod, as per the reports.

He said while speaking at the occasion that the women who wear jeans and shirts, and dress like men, ends up giving birth to transgender children. He added that there are more than six lakh transgenders in Kerala.

He went on with his address saying that only the couples who live their lives as men and women accordingly end up producing “good children”.

He also mentioned that the parents who are not of good character their children suffer from cerebral palsy and are autistic.

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This is not the first time that an outrage has been broken out because of professor’s comments. Previously, while addressing students at a women’s college he had made indecent remarks, after that, a female student hooted him and walked out of the session in protest.

The state government has decided to take a legal action against professor Kumar and he also faces the prospect of being stopped from giving addresses in government awareness classes in schools and colleges.

KK Shylaja—Health Minister accused Kumar of spreading superstitions and for making anti-women comments and said that Rajith Kumar has not taken back his controversial remarks back till yet. The government is considering starting a legal action against him.

Social media users displayed their outrage on professor’s thoughts on Twitter.


Earlier in Egypt, a lawyer—Nabih al-Wahsh ignited an outrage when he said that women who wear ripped jeans deserve to get raped and sexually harassed, as reported by The Independent.

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