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Ken Spears Co-Creator Scooby-Doo Passes Away


On Saturday, Ken Spears, co-creator of Scooby-Doo and kids programming at CBS and ABC, has died. 82 years, Ken Spears was suffering from Lewy body dementia.

According to the details, Warner Bros. Animation is sad to hear of the passing of Ken Spears and sends warmest thoughts to his loved ones. Sam Register President Warner Bros. said that he was a true reformer in the industry whose gifts of humor and storytelling continue to delight audiences.

Register stated that there is not a single screen in the world that has not played a version of Scooby-Doo.  We continue to be inspired by his work at Warner Bros. Animation and are honored to carry on the legacy of his beloved characters.

Spears passing comes 3 months after Ruby with whom he made Scooby-Doodied.  A Los Angeles native, Spears first met Ruby when both were sound editors and then staff writers at the cartoon powerhouse Hanna-Barbera, and they created the supernatural kids show Scooby-Doo which bowed on CBS in September 1969. All but 4 of the first 25 episodes were written and story-edited by them.

Spears once said that we were worried it wouldn’t last but one season, much less 38 years as the show was up against The Hardy Boys on NBC, and we thought we’d get bashed in the ratings.

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