KCR to resume Operations from November 19th


Earlier today, Pakistan Railways announced to launch partial KCR (Karachi Circular Railways) operations from the 19th of November.

Previously, Pakistan Railways declared to resume Karachi Circular Railway operations from November 16th in different phases, but due to the non-finalization of the arrangements the operations were delayed.

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According to the details, 2 engines, 10 bodies, power van will arrive in Karachi today for KCR. On Sunday, the power van, engine, and 10 bogies left for Karachi from Rawalpindi.

A train consisting of 4 bogies, 2 locomotives traveled a fourteen-kilometer long distance from City Railway Station Karachi to Orangi town last week.

The Karachi Circular Railway train took 2 hours to cover the entire distance, although it was supposed to complete it in minutes. The train took a long time due to the rundown condition of the stations and tracks.

The Karachi Circular Railways (KCR) is 12.63 on the ground and 30.75 km elevated. It will go through 24 stations out of which fourteen stations will be elevated. Moreover, the normal distance between each station is 1.8 km.\

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