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KCR Affected Residents to Get Houses in a Year

KCR affected residents

Saeed Ghani—the local government minister of Sindh said that the Karachi Circular Railway—KCR affected residents would be provided houses in a year.

 The Supreme Court had asked for the restoration of the KCR on the 9th of May. The court also instructed the people who got their houses demolished in the campaign to get accommodated.

But the minister also added that one year is a long time for keeping someone homeless. He said that they are trying their best to accommodate the people as they understand it is impractical to leave someone without a house for an entire year.

Ghani said that more than 4,500 houses would have to be constructed for accommodating these people.

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Shehla Qureshi—the SSP Railway said that there is zero tolerance policy for the residential units being established in the cleared areas.

She gave warning that they would file FIRs against people who try to come back and live in these areas.

People have constructed houses and shops on land that belonged to the Pakistan Railways and the operation to expel them received a lot of resistance.

The project began on the 15th of May. It has reached completion in the District East but more than 30percent of the tracks still need to be evacuated in the District General.

In December of 2018, the Railway authorities conducted an operation for clearing the track with the help of the Central District administration and the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.

The operation was ended after only 7.2km of the track was cleared in the District Central.

The operation began from the furniture market of Gharibabad and ended near North Nazimabad. The drive was then shifted to District West, but nothing was done after that.

The 44km KCR track passes via the various districts of Karachi. Many people have constructed shops, and other constructions on the track and the government is working to eradicate them on the orders of the Supreme Court.

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