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KCCI Requests Mauritius for Lifting Ban on Pakistan’s Meat Imports

A Karachi-based business delegation has met with the President of Mauritius—Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, making a request to her on Monday to lift the ban on the imports of meat from Pakistan.

The delegation from the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI), currently on a visit to Mauritius, met with the President of Mauritius at the State House which is located in Moka District of Mauritius.

The delegation gave the briefing to the president and gave recommendations on how to handle the major hindrances causing issues in way of smooth trade between the two nations.

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They said that the officers of the Mauritian Health Department have been constantly making attempts to visit Pakistan for the past two years for inspecting the health and hygiene conditions of the meat production facility in Pakistan, however, their visit was delayed every time because of minor problems.

The delegate requested that the Mauritian health officers be sent to Pakistan immediately so that the imposed ban on meat imports could be lifted, to assist the inadequate trade volume between the two nations.

While talking about her last visit to Pakistan, the KCCI’s delegation remembered that the Mauritian president gave assurance for providing space for the organization of single-country exhibitions for the firms of Pakistan in Mauritius.

Regarding this, they requested the Mauritius president to ask the related officials for making arrangements so that the KCCI could conduct a single-country exhibition which would definitely be improving the trade volume and bring in the business communities of both the nations much closer to each other.

The delegation also showed concerns over the limited period visas being granted to visitors from Pakistan for up to seven days, requesting an increase of at least up to one month so that the business-to-business interaction could be enhanced further.

Stressing the status of Mauritius as the “gateway of Africa”, the delegate members expressed their confidence that the country could be used by the Pakistani business community to penetrate the African region effectively, where presently the country’s trade is almost non-existent.

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