Kazam Mobi a UK based Smartphone Startup with brilliant products

Kazam is the UK based smartphones startup established in 2013 by the former HTC employees.

About Kazam

Founded in 2013, KAZAM exists to question the European mobile industry. The smarter, sexier, more streamlined brand coupled with its clever-thinking brand ethos looks at more than just the phone, innovating where others don’t. Meaning we don’t just make phones, but seek to improve the complete experience of everyday use.


KAZAM was established in May 2013, Tuesday 7th of May to be precise (that’s the date on our default home screen). KAZAM initially launched in UK, Germany, France, Spain and Poland. However we have continued to expand across Europe and now have presence in over 15 countries.

Founded by Michael Coombes and James Atkins, KAZAM was set-up to make a positive impact in our industry and speak up when we see change is due.

Meaning at KAZAM we’re open to opportunities, ambitious and optimistic for the future. We say YES!

Why Kazam

KAZAM is straight thinking. We don’t stand for just one thing, but many things. Innovating across the whole of the value chain, often in areas overlooked. We provide quality product at disruptive pricing, and like our products our proposition is constantly evolving.

Kazam Products


Tornado 348

The KAZAM Tornado 348 sets the pace in the world of smartphone design. Sleek and slender, packed full of the features including 4.4 android, 4.8-inch, 8.0MP and 2050 battery.

Tornado 350

As part of the signature range the KAZAM Tornado is the best in design and technology. Slim and sleek design with 4.4 android, 5.0-inch screen, 13MP and 1920 battery.

Tornado2 5.0

When the best features are combined with the best design, the KAZAM Tornado range is created. There are best features available in this phone with 4.2 android, 5.0-inch, 8.0MP and 1800 battery.


Thunder 340W

We are all about choice, the KAZAM Thunder 340W runs on the Windows Phone operating system developed. Packed with windows software, 4.0-inch screen, 5.0MP camera and 1500mAh battery.

Thunder 340

The KAZAM Thunder 345 is a balance of form and function. Stylish in design, with a soft touch finish, and packed with 4.4 android, 4.5-inch screen, 5.0MP and 1800 battery.

Thunder 345L

Its all about LTE If speed is what you need then the KAZAM Thunder 345L and the KAZAM Thunder 350L are for users that need advance specs. packed with 4.4.2 android, 4.5-inch screen, 5.0MP and 1800mAh.

Thunder 347

The KAZAM Thunder 347 is a balance of form and fucntion. Stylish in design, with a soft touch finish, and packed with 4.4.2 android, 4.7-inch screen, 8.0MP and 1700 battery.

Thunder 350L

If speed is what you need then the KAZAM Thunder 345L and the KAZAM Thunder 350L are for you. 4G ready phone with 4.4.2 android, 4.5-inch screen, 8.0MP and 2000 battery.

Thunder2 4.5L

When using this Quad Core powerhouse on an LTE network the speeds are mindblowing, you’ll be out, it is packed with 4.2 android, 4.5-inch screen, 8.0MP and 1850 battery.

Thunder2 5.0

Under this stunningly crafted phone is a monster. Quad Core processor, the ultimate cameras and an HD screen. Packed with 4.2 android, 5.0-inch screen, 5.0MP and 2000 battery.


Trooper2 4.0

Small in size, but not in power, the KAZAM Trooper2 4.0 packs a wealth of technology into its sleek design. 4.2 android, 4.0-inch, 5.0MP and 1500 battery.

Trooper2 4.5

The KAZAM Trooper² 4.5 is mid-size perfection, the 1.3GHz dual core processor, 5MP main camera and 1600 battery.

Trooper2 5.0

It’s not just about looking the part, the Trooper2 5.0 boasts a crystal clear IPS display and the dual-core engine. 4.2 android, 5.0-inch, 5.0MP, and 2000 battery.

Trooper2 6.0

It might be slim, but its still a whopper, providing you unprecedented screen size to deliver a completely. 4.2 android, 6.0 screen, 5.0MP camera and 2500 battery.



Kazam life B1 is small in size but even smaller in price, lets be this phone is all about value with 1.77-inch screen and 800mAh battery.


LIFE B2 is packed with features our best value mobile phone proves that you don’t have to compromise on value. Life B2 is with 1.8-inch screen VGA and 800mAh battery.


Stylish design incorporates large well-spaced keys and large menu icons, ideal if you struggle with small icons. It has 2.2-inch screen VGA support and 800mAh battery.


Kazam LIFE B5 is proof that you don’t need to compromise if a feature a feature phone is your thing. Packed with 2.4-inch screen 1.3MP camera and 1000mAh battery.


Slim but bursting with features stylish and durable, with its metallic finish its a phone designed to last for years. It is packed with 2.6-inch screen, 2.0MP camera and 700 mAh battery.


Life C4 Stylish clam design incorporates large well spaced keys and large menu icons, ideal if you struggle with space and large icons. Packed with 2.2-inch screen, VGA and 800mAh.


Stylish design incorporates large well-spaced keys and large menu icons, ideal if you struggle with space thing. Packaged with 2.4-inch screen, 1.3MP camera and 800mAh battery.


The KAZAM Life R2 is small but tough. An IP67 simple mobile phone for heavy duty situations. Robust design and performance. packed with 1.77-inch screen, VGA and 1000mAh battery.


The Kazam Life R5 is tough and practical; with an IP rating of 67 and an easy to use software interface it is a phone which is loved by the users. Packed with 2.2-inch screen, 2.0MP camera and 2560mAh battery.


The products LIFE R2 and LIFE R5 are also known as ToughShield becasue they are packed with tougher outer shields.