Kartarpura of Rawalpindi to Get A Makeover


All the residents of the twin cities are fully aware that when their bodies crave for desi food, there is just one place to head to and that is—Kartarpura—the oldest and the greatest streets of Rawalpindi. The area has been there since ages serving people with desi food like Paye, Cholay, Lassi, Nihari and much more.

Unfortunately, Kartarpura has always been a difficult place to travel to as the streets are really devoid of any proper seating arrangements for families, nor it is attractive enough for masses.

Hence, people either have to dine in the small spaces provided by the eateries in the street or they have to eat while sitting in their vehicles if they are visiting with families. Most people prefer taking food home.

The Parks and Horticulture (PHA) have launched an up-gradation and beautification venture which is targeted at making Kartarpura a fully operational food street for the families of the twin cities.

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As per PHA, the renovation of the old buildings would also be managed, and dedicated parking space would be added for the visitors. Presently, the authority is engaged in beautifying the area for making it more appealing

The authority has the objective of completing the first phase of the beautification and up-gradation before the holy month of Ramazan starts as this is the time when many people visit this area for sehri and iftar.

Furthermore, CCTV cameras would also be installed at the place for making the street more secure. The traffic police would also be there on the street for making sure that the traffic flow is maintained smoothly.

The waste management company has also been made a part of the venture for assuring that the food street remains clean.

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