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Karachi’s Ranking Improves on World Crime Index

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Karachi’s ranking has improved in terms of crime rate, as per an international survey-based organization ‘Numbeo’. On the International Crime Index, the city’s rank has improved to 94, as revealed by the Sindh IGP Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam in a notification.

Basically, Numbeo provides data on cities and different indicators of living conditions around the world. Only, last month Karachi was ranked at 88th spot and now its ranking has further improved.

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As per the spokesperson for the Sindh police, this improvement is accredited to improvement in and anti-crime efforts. Peace and security conditions in Sindh, primarily in Karachi have drastically improved. For Karachi, the ratio of crime index is 55.15 and the safety index ratio is 44.85.

The spokesperson said that the crime rate of various crimes including murder, targeted killing, kidnapping, robbery, and extortion has dropped in the province which is a healthy sign.

It is pertinent to mention here that the ranking of Karachi is better than that of Las Vegas, Washington, Marseille, New Delhi, and Birmingham.

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 The description on the website states, “Crime Index is an estimation of the overall level of crime in a given city or a country. We consider crime levels lower than 20 as very low, crime levels between 20 and 40 as being low, crime levels between 40 and 60 as being moderate, crime levels between 60 and 80 as being high and finally crime levels higher than 80 as being very high.”

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