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Karachi’s Name Change on the Cards?

Karachi’s Name Change

Murad Ali Shah—the Chief Minister of Sindh, said that they were not going to change Karachi’s name and termed the news as some rumour.

While talking to the media, the CM said that some people have spread a rumor that Sindh government was changing the name of Karachi. He said that why would the city name be changed; it is the city of Pakistan and is known across the world and is very dear to all of us. He added that the news is baseless and asked the media for finding the person or group who have spread such rumours.

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Regarding the garbage lifting work he said that 300,000 tons have been lifted so far and the remaining would also be lifted by the deadline of 21st October set by him.

Murad Ali Shah also said that the city has a great potential but they would need to strengthen each other for the city beautification, in developing peace and tranquility and for making it a hub of education and cultural activities and top of all that it is a must to keep the city clean and neat.

For making the city clean and this work sustainable, he has taken all the DMCs leadership on board. Murad Ali Shah said that they are giving funds for the repair of their machinery used for the cleaning work so that they could continue their first end collection and the sweeping work.

He also mentioned that the cleanliness work of the city was above politics.

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