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Karachi’s Do Darya is Closing Down after Ramadan & People are Not Happy

One of the most loved and visited places in Karachi, Do Darya is shutting down after Ramadan. Do Darya is a famous tourist & dining spot. Most of the times, you won’t find a table for dining in Do Darya if you have not pre-booked a table. This just defines that popularity of the place.

Despite its fame, DHA wants to reclaim the property and shut down the whole place. As per some news reports DHA wants to create a sports complex and an entertainment center in Do Darya. As per other reports, the DHA land has been taken by a foreign investment group and the company is planning to construct high risers and underwater restaurants.

In 2015, DHA did issue a warning to the restaurant owners to wind up their business but the issue got resolved that time. It seems that this time the decision is final and Do Darya is shutting down once and for all, this time around.

This is what people have to say on the closing down of Do Darya

“A big part of the city of lights is going down. The entire well established restaurants located at Do Darya are closing soon after Ramzan which means thousand of people to be unemployed. Lets all reunite and stand up before the beauty of karachi fades away.”

“We do not want such a mesmerizing place to b turned down. Pls

“Why the people are not saying anything to save this beautiful do draya in Karachi ,we are having just few places to enjoy and enjoy the beauty of nature in our city …,

“All the food chains are shutting down at Do Darya because DHA apparently wants to reclaim land and build high rises after Ramadan.

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“I really don’t care whose land it is, was or whatsoever.. There’s tons of other pieces of land in their name.. Wahan kuch bana lien.. But no they will go and trigger that same point which has become a major attraction of the city and caters to many household”

“The only place where people love to spend hours </3 Please

“Just got to know this terrible news. is being demolished by to construct a “no civilian” sports complex and entertainment center. Dude what about the thousands of employees who work there? Or the fact that Do Darya is the pride of Karachi that entails tourism”