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Karachi’s China Port Becomes a Major Tourist Destination – Pictures & Videos

The newly inaugurated China Port in Karachi or Pakistan Deep Water Container Port has become a major tourist destination. People are calling this Port, China Port as a Hong Kong-based Hutchison Ports collaborated with Karachi Port Trust (KPT) to develop it.

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The large pavement, that is attracting the public, is surrounded by rocks to protect the people from severe waves. Its main aim was to protect ships from any hazards of a high tide, protect sand erosion and the people. But the ‘Oyster Rocks’, have fascinated the public, so much so that the place is full of crowds, especially on weekends. It has a become a must visit place for friends, and families.

On the flip side, people have started throwing garbage, paan peeks and other trash in the area, forgetting that not every place is a dustbin. The ignorance of the citizens may affect the area. If this continues not just the area will look dirty but it will affect the marine life as well.

But right now vendors and businessmen have realized the importance of the place for the public and they are setting up small-scale businesses to market their products.

Here are some pictures of the China Port

The Tetra-Pod rocks have become the center of attraction for the Karachiites

China Port Karachi

Here are the videos of the area

We can see that people are roaming around, walking, taking pictures, making videos and enjoying the breathtaking view at the China Port in Karachi.