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Karachiites to be Punished for leaving Homes after 7 pm


Ghulam Nabi Memon Additional Inspector General says that the Karachi residents will be severely punished if they leave their homes after 7 pm or violated the smart lockdown imposed by the government in different areas of the city.

According to the Inspector General, it has been observed that people are violating the government’s order in those areas where a smart lockdown has been imposed.

Now the police have decided that whoever comes out on the street after 7 pm will be punished with sticks or can be sent to jail. Cases can also be registered against such people. Even the shops in these areas will not be allowed to open after 7 pm.

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The lockdown has been imposed in nearly all the major areas of Karachi till the 2nd of July as many of the COVID-19 cases have been reported from these areas.

If anyone has to buy groceries, in that case only one person will be allowed to leave the house and he/she will have to show their CNIC first. In the case of medical care, only one person can attend a sick person.

70,000 COVID-19 cases have been reported from Sindh so far and most of the cases are from Karachi.

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