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Karachiites Overjoyed With The First Hailstorm of The Season

The city of Lights woke up to the best wintery effect of the season today, yes Karachi was hit by rain and pellets of hail early today morning.

Monday morning came with the sound of thunder and the drizzling of the rain. What an amazing start to the usually termed as the most boring and toughest day of the week—Monday.

The Met office has predicted more rains for the city along with the in between showers continuously for next few days.

Karachiites were thrilled and rejoiced with the rainy spell and they took it to social platforms to express their merriment at the joyful site.

The overall city temperature has dropped down because of the rain, continuously blowing chilly winds, hailstorm and the cloudy weather.

The areas of Karachi that experienced the mercy showers are North Karachi, Defence, Orangi Town, North Nazimabad, Clifton, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Saeedabad, Malir, Liyari, Nazimabad and Gulistan-e-Jauhar.

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Other areas like Saddar, Kharadar and nearby locations also witnessed some or slight drizzles causing wet roads and slipping motorcyclists.

As it happens mostly, the good news of the pleasant drizzling weather followed by the bad news of tripped feeders. Owing to the rainfall, more than around two hundred feeders of the K-Electric tripped, causing a disruption of electricity supply to many areas of the city.

The Met office has also forecasted heavy rains today in the areas of Malakand, Gilgit-Baltistan and Makran.

The lowest temperature recorded in the country today so far is in Kalam which is of -9 °C.

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