Karachiites are Alone in this time of Crisis; Khaled Anam

khaled anam

The situation in Karachi is evident and is everywhere on our social media feeds. It hurts to see that the city that brings the most revenues to the country and offers employment to all the ones who head to it from various parts of the nation is undergoing the worst time of its existence. The heavy rain spell has caused a lot of disasters and people are genuinely troubled.

Everyone is affected by the crisis the city is undergoing. Many of the celebrities have come out and have shared their anger on the situation caused by the heavy rains. Among those that have raised their voices, Khaled Anam is also there. He has also been impacted by the occurrences in the city.

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On Twitter, he shared a post in which he said that he wants to send a message to the Prime Minister of Pakistan regarding the current situation and is hopeful that the clip would eventually reach out to those who could do something about it.

In the video message, he said that with due respect he wants PM Khan to know that at the moment in fact in these times of crisis people of Karachi are alone.

The celebrity artist’s message came as the record-breaking rain spell created chaos in the city. The rains not just caused flooding on all the key roads, but also affected the infrastructure and paralyzed all segments of life.

The crisis like situation urged the government of Sindh to invite PM Khan to intervene and he in turn ordered immediate rescue operations for the thousands of affected people.

The continuous rainfall has till yet claimed 30 lives, the draining infrastructure, the traffic system and the power supply lines all have been affected severely.

Major roads of the city and many parts are still submerged in water and a lot of areas are still facing power outages.

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Via Dawn.com

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