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Karachi Witnessed Season’s Lowest Temperature on Jan 1

Season's Lowest Temperature

Karachi witnessed a drop in temperature on the very first day of the new year, with citizens struggling to keep themselves warm to deal with the chilling weather.

As per the Pakistan Meteorological Department Director Sardar Sarfaraz, the lowest temperature for this winter season was recorded on Wednesday.

The latest cold wave in Karachi is anticipated to last for the next 2 days, as mentioned by the Met Dept director. He also said that the temperature might go down as low as eight-degree celsius in the upcoming days.

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He further added that Siberian winds, coming from the West at an average speed between 30 and 35 kilometres per hour, would be bringing down the temperatures during the day time to 20-degree celsius. He also said that the normal temperatures during the day for the season are between 24 and 25 degrees celsius.

He forecasted that from the 4th of Jan to the 6th of the month, the temperature would increase as the wind system shifts to Balochistan, but the temperatures might decrease again after the 7th of Jan.

He also said that the whole nation, and not just Karachi, was experiencing the colder temperature.

In the meantime, the National Forecasting Centre Director Zaheer Babar sai that Skardu broke a record of 40-year after reporting the lowest temperature, -20.7 degrees celsius, during the December of 2019.

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