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Karachi University to Increase Fees

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Karachi University has taken the decision of increasing the fees from the start of the new academic year which is to start in January 2020.

The decision has been taken in light of the budget presented by the Centre for the year 2019-2020. The university is yet to take the decision of the percentage by which the fees would surge. But, the increase in fees would be applied to both the professional and non-professional departments of the university.

As per the Vice Chancellor of KU—Professor Khalid Iraqi the surge in fees is unavoidable owing to the lack of funds in the present budget and the existing financial crisis of the university.

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He said that the university gets funds 25percent less than the amount needed by it. And this year, the HEC—Higher Education Commission has only given a nominal surge in the amount allotted to it, in comparison to the previous years. He also added that this would unavoidably affect the amount given to KU by the federal HEC. The would-be affecting the funding of the university and the fees of the students would have to surge, as informed by Professor Iraqi.

While talking to local media, the VC KU said that a university has got only 2 means of surging the financial inflow, other than the funding it gets from the federal and provincial governments. It could either carry out the commercial activities or surge the students’ fees.

He also said that as per the orders of the Supreme Court, no university could be used for commercial activities, but the only resource of KU is the large amount of land it has. He further added that the KU’s land could not be used for the commercial activities, hence the only option left is to surge the fees of the students. The amount to which the fees would be raised is yet to be considered.

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