Karachi University student creates shopping bags that can be eaten

karachi university

A Karachi university student has created shopping bags that can be eaten. The environment-friendly plastic taken from a marine plant is edible.

The shopping bag can be mixed with water or any other fluid and then consumed with no harmful effects.

The supervisor of the student said that the plastic can be used to make shopping bags. On the downside, the bag cannot hold high-temperature liquids like tea as it dissolves in hot solutions.

But, cold liquids including milk can be carried in the bags for a short span of time.

In a morning show, this discovery was made official by the supervisor and the student. The host in the morning show is seen mixing the water in the plastic and then eating it to confirm that it does not have any side effects. This new discovery can solve the pollution problem that is faced in Pakistan from the high usage of non-biodegradable plastic.

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