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Karachi Traffic Police Issuing Bike Driving Licenses to Women

An initiative called Women on Wheels was launched in Karachi late in 2019. The aim of this initiative was to teach women how to drive motorbikes. The program was quite successful as hundreds of women applied and learned how to drive a bike.

The program is deemed successful as the Traffic Police Karachi Clifton branch has started to issue motorbike driving licenses to women. The license will help in giving women more mobility and a substitute means of transport.

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One of the motorbike license holders Ramsha said that now she would be able to drive both a car and a bike. She advised other women to start driving bikes as well.

Another woman said that with the bike license in hand she would be able to have an alternative means of transport. She would not have to be dependent on rickshaw or ride-hailing apps to commute around the city. She was excited that she had passed the exam.

A mother of two daughters, Madiha said that she got her license for the sake of her daughters. She was anxious about the possible harassment faced by the female bikers. She said that there must be regulations to tackle this issue.

It is a good initiative that women are learning to ride bikes and they are being issued licenses. We need to empower our daughters, wives, sisters, and mothers and encourage them to pursue whatever they want in life. If they want to ride bikes for whatsoever reason we should let them and make the process easier for them.

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