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Karachi Traders Withdraw Strike Call

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The Karachi traders have taken their 3-day strike call back.

The Karachi based traders on Sunday withdrew their call for a 3-day shutter down strike after they had a meeting with the Governor of Sindh—Imran Ismail.

As per the shared details, the Karachi Tajir Action Committee—KTAC took the decision to withdraw their strike call after Governor Ismail gave assurance to the traders that their issues and problems would be addressed.

The governor also assured the traders that he would be organizing a meeting between the traders and the Prime Minister Imran Khan on the 11th of July.

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While talking to the journalists, Imran Ismail thanked the traders for listening to him and for taking the strike call back and added that the business community presented their proposal in regard with the tax collection and profit generation during the meeting.

The governor also added that the government would address all the issues of the traders. He asked the people to pay their taxes and to help in bringing the country out of the economic crisis.

Previously, the Karachi Traders Action Committee made the announcement to observe a 3-day shutter down strike against the newly introduced taxes in the budget 2019.

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