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Karachi Traders Denied from Resuming Online Business Operations

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On Monday, the police as per reports denied traders of the Electronics Market in Karachi from conducting online business operations, as per the reports of local media.

The traders in a large number reached the Electronic Market that is located in the area of Saddar, however, they were not given access by the police instead were denied from resuming their online business activities.

The police officials demanded a permission letter from the traders so that they could be given the permit to resume their online business operations.

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The police said that they are just abiding with the directives provided by the government and cannot allow anyone without the permission letter.

In the meantime, rangers and police in huge number have reached the area.

Previously, the government of Sindh had permitted the traders to resume their business activities in the province with strict protocols amid the coronavirus lockdown.

As per an issued notification from the provincial home ministry, the traders were required to completely practise and impose the SOPs formulated for online shutter down businesses.

A list of the shop owners, delivery boys and the staffers working at the business place was to be provided to the provincial government in advance while all the preventive steps which includes the santizers, hand gloves will be provided to them.

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