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Karachi to Witness Extended Power Outages, Warns KE

power outages

The residents and the industrialists of the city of lights should gear themselves up for a surge in the hours of power outages in the next few days, as warned by KE.

As per the K-Electric spokesperson, during the past few months, the demand for electricity has surged across the city and that has led to a reduction in the stock of the furnace oil.

Pakistan makes use of oil for producing most of its electricity. The spokesperson issued warning that the load shedding in the industrial areas could rise up to 8 hours while in the residential areas the power outages could be of 2 hours.

He further said that as soon as they get enough supply for the oil, they would stop the load shedding altogether.

The power utility has asked the Sui Southern Gas Company and the power sector to surge their supply of the RLNG to the firm.

On the other hand, the district administration of Islamabad has reduced the fares of public transport in the federal capital in order to provide the benefit of the reduction of the prices in petroleum products globally to the public.

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