Karachi to Experience Prolonged Load-shedding in Summers Including Ramazan

Since the start of summers, Karachi has been facing the issue of load shedding at an increased rate and is anticipated to further prolong even in the months to come, which includes Ramazan.

The K-Electric (KE) and Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) are continuing with their blame game, while the residents of Karachi continues to suffer. Sadia Dada—the KE Communications Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement Director while talking to a press conference hinted that the city of lights is expected to suffer from more power outages even in the month of Ramazan, as per local media reports.

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In the Mid of March Karachi experienced an increase in temperature and with that load shedding began. The citizens are suffering and neither Sui Southern Gas Company nor the K-Electric is ready to take the responsibility of these power outbreaks.

For defending their position, the KE issued a press release, accusing SSGC being responsible for prolonged hours of load shedding. As per the press release, KE blamed SSGC for not supplying enough gas. The KE mentioned in the release that is presently receiving a gas supply at about 90mmcfd in comparison to the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) allotted 276mmcfd and much lower than the supply levels being received last year.

SSGC instantly replied calling the statement issued by KE misleading. Both the firms have taken the war on the social media platform—Twitter.

KE posted a picture with the caption of “Real Gas Story”.

Moreover, the frustrated Karachiites both because of the load shedding and the extremely hot weather from various areas of the city have also taken it to Twitter to complain.

Karachi is facing severe temperature rise. The city residents are suffering because of the hot weather badly. KE and SSGC need to settle all their issues and should work together in meeting the power supply demands so that some ease could be provided to the more citizens.

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