Karachi to Experience Heat Wave Like Conditions Under the Impact of Cyclone Vayu

cyclone vayu

Karachi to face heat wave like conditions under the effect of the cyclone Vayu.

As per the media reports on Thursday, Karachi and other coastal areas of the province of Sindh would experience heat wave like conditions in the mid of possible landfall of tropical cyclone Vayu at the Gujarat coast of India.

The sea-breeze is expected to remain cut off on Thursday and Friday which could lead to heatwave like conditions in the coastal areas of the province which includes, Karachi, as informed by the Met office department in a statement.

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The Meteorological Department has predicted a maximum temperature of 40-42 degree Celsius in Karachi on Thursday and 39-40 degree Celsius on Friday.

The wind direction would remain northwesterly and westerly today, while northeasterly and northerly on Thursday and Friday.

The weather experts have canceled out any possibility of the repeat of conditions of the month of June back in 2015 when a similar kind of pressure area had resulted into leading the deaths of many people in Karachi and other parts of the Sindh.

The met office has advised the related authorities of the province to be on alert in the coming days about the impact of Tropical Cyclone Vayu.

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