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Karachi to Experience Extended Power Outages from June till August

Extended Power Outages

As per officials, Karachi would be experiencing extended power outages in the city owing to the lack of power production.

A 900 megawatt LNG plant was supposed to be established but has been installed so far.

The construction of the power plant was supposed to start in the month of December.

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As per the officials, Karachi would need 3,800 megawatt of electricity in the month of Juny, July and August, while K-Electric has the potential of producing 3,200 MW.

They have issued a warning that the situation has the potential of getting worse if the plants that are already producing malfunctions.

On the other hand, as per the latest, the city administration of Jhang has installed the first locally-made sanitiser walkthrough gate in the city. As per the city administration, Pakistan is the third nation to have installed such a gate after the United States and Turkey.

The spot selection was significant for the gate installation, keeping into consideration the count of customers who pay a visit to the market for purchasing the necessary item.

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