Karachi to Experience Another Cold Wave This Week – Research Snipers

Karachi to Experience Another Cold Wave This Week


The weather in Karachi is expected to experience a surge again with a sudden drop in the temperature which is anticipated to affect the city this week.

As per the reports of the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the city would experience another cold wave and chilly air blowing at the speeds of 60-70 kilometers per hour.

Temperatures on Tuesday are anticipated to reach a high of 16-27 degrees while on Sunday hazy sunshine is expected between 15-26 degree centigrade and minimum wind speed to be 45-55 kilometers per hour.

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Health conditions that are associated with weather are already taking on toll and the people of Karachi have been advised to be well prepared and help themselves to stand strong against possible infections, which are mainly viral in nature.

Dr. Hashim Allana—a senior family physician suggested that proper attention needs to be given on personal hygiene with special reference to hand washing and eating of homemade food besides the regular intake of liquids which includes lukewarm water and soups, especially vegetables could be great help.

This year winter weather has prolonged rather longer than usual. It was informed by the Met Office that because of the increased number of rainfalls and snow showers in the northern areas of the country the winter season would be extended longer.

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