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Karachi Sea view Gets 3D Lights

Karachi sea view

Karachi sea view gets 3D lights.

The CBC (Cantonment Board Clifton) made an attempt to enhance the beauty of Karachi’s sea view by installing some 3D lights by the beach.

The lights installed by the CBC have different structure and shapes which add beauty to the beach.

These 3D lights have been built up in CBC’s own workshop. This step is being appreciated by all the citizens of Karachi.

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Earlier this year the (CBC) Cantonment Board Clifton installed some dustbins structured in a shape of a sea animal at the Sea view, in order to spread awareness to keep the seaside clean.

Shaniera Akram Philanthropist declared earlier that Karachi’s sea view is in a state of emergency where all the biohazardous waste is present on the shore and is washed up by the sea waves which is an alarming health hazard.

She also uploaded a video herself showing the medical waste dumped on the beach. The dump carried vials of blood, broken glass medical containers, syringes in the middle of all the disposed of material.

The activist also made an apology to the people from stopping them to come to the beach because of its worsening condition.

Shaniera Akram the wife of the former cricketer Wasim Akram is one of those celebrities who have been playing their part in bringing up these issues. She has always raised such social issues that really needs to be taken care of and are unaddressed.

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