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Karachi Schools Still Charging Summer Vacation Fees

summer vacation fees

The schools in Karachi are still charging summer vacation fees despite the orders of Supreme Court (SC). Fee vouchers have been issued for the months of June and July to students on Monday, as per the reports of ARY News.

According to sources, a few schools in Karachi has intentionally ignored and rejected to pay any attention to the orders of SC regarding charging fees for the months of June and July.

It is important to mention that on the 13th of December, the apex court directed the private schools to cut their fees by 20 per cent and return 50 per cent of the amount they have collected during the summer vacations.

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The parents are still under burden with the heavy amount of fees charged for a period when the children are not even attending schools. They were given the above-mentioned vouchers along with the fee challans of January.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan—Mian Saqib Nisar has instructed to file a case against the private school owners who refuse to reduce their monthly fees after the court directives.

After hearing the case at the SC, the CJP expressed that private schools had now begun protest after the court instructed them to reduce the increased fee manifold.

The private schools counsel said that all institutions were implementing the court directives.

The CJP asked that why did not the owner appeared before the court.

He added that when owners present themselves before the court the situation kinds of settles.

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