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Karachi Robbers Hug a Rider and Return his Valuables

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Robbers in Karachi surprised everyone by a kind gesture that they showed towards a delivery rider. As per a recent CCTV footage making rounds on social media, Karachi robbers were seen returning the valuables of a rider and hugging him.

In the video, it could be seen that the delivery boy was being mugged at gunpoint by the robbers on the bike. The footage showed that the delivery man returned to his bike after he completed his delivery order. But, when he reached his bike he was held at gunpoint by the robbers who took his money, phone, and other belongings.

As soon, the belongings were taken from him, the delivery boy was seen crying in the footage and saying something to the robbers. At this, the robbers returned all his valuables that they had taken from the rider and also hugged him.

The video went viral on social media. It was confirmed by the police officials that the video was of Karachi. But, they are yet to investigate that in which police jurisdiction the crime occurred.

As per a report that was published in April, the number of street crimes in Karachi has increased despite police and rangers setting up their checkpoints amid the corona imposed lockdown in the province.

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