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Karachi Receives 20,000 Surgical Masks from China


Recently, China donated 20,000 surgical masks to Karachi commissioner in order to help the country in fighting the coronavirus. As per the statistics revealed by the government, so far the deadly virus has affected 112, 118 people in the Sindh.

The surgical masks were sent to Karachi by the Zhangjiajie municipal government and were handed over to Iftikhar Shallwani Karachi Commissioner at his office.

The commissioner thanked the Chinese government and said that Pakistan and China have always had a strong bond and this donation from the Zhangjiajie Mayor is going to strengthen the relationship even more between the two countries, also it will help in opening the passage of mutual relationship between the two cities.

Earlier, a letter was sent to the Karachi commissioner by Mayor Liu Gean which showed Mayor’s desire to promote cooperation between Karachi and Zhangjiajie. He further expressed his intentions to work in the culture, economy, travel, education, and other areas in order to boost the exchanges for the benefit of the people living in both the cities and to have a better future.

The Karachi commissioner is quite worried about the situation of coronavirus in Karachi. The letter comforted the commissioner as the mayor wrote in it that the donation of the surgical masks will contribute a lot in the fight with COVID-19 and soon the people of Karachi city are going to continue living a normal life.

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