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Karachi Ranked Among Worst Cities for Drivers


Karachi has been ranked among the worst cities for drivers by the 2019 Driving Cities Index prepared by the Mister Auto website in the United Kingdom.

Other than Karachi in Pakistan, the other cities worst for drivers are Mumbai in India, Ulaanbaatar in Kolkata in India, Mongolia Lagos in Nigeria, Bogota in Colombia, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Mexico City in Mexico, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and Moscow in Russia.

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The best cities for drivers are Calgary in Canada, Dubai in the UAE, Ottawa in Canada, Bern in Switzerland, and El Paso in the United States, Vancouver in Canada, Gothenburg in Sweden, Dusseldorf in Germany, Basel in Switzerland and Dortmund in Germany. Istanbul ranked at 88th place among the 100 best world cities for driving.

These cities were ranked on the basis of providing safety, infrastructure and fair prices to drivers. The ranking was based on 15 factors that resulted in an all-inclusive benchmark. These factors include road rage, fatality rates, parking costs, petrol & road tax, and city-speed sample score.

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