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Karachi Ranked among World’s 5 Least Safe Cities

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The Economist Intelligence Unit has ranked Karachi amongst World’s 5 least safe cities. In an index ranking cities’ ability to handle natural disasters, cyberattacks, Pakistan’s Karachi, Nigeria’s Lagos, Venezuela’s Caracas, Myanmar’s Yangon, and Bangladesh’s Dhaka were ranked as the least safe cities in the world.

Shocking: Karachi Ranked as Worst City for Living, Driving, Women Security, and City Safety

The title of the world’s most safe city was given to Tokyo. Singapore was named as the second most safe city in the world while Osaka came third.

Pakistan’s Karachi and were the world’s five least safe cities, according to the index.

The index of 60 cities measured the “urban resilience,” concept, this year. This is the ability of cities to absorb shocks and then bounce back from it. The cities were assessed on four safety types that are digital safety, infrastructure safety, health safety, and personal security.

6 cities in the top 10 were from Asia-Pacific including Sydney, Seoul, and Melbourne securing 5th, eighth and 10th position respectively.

Also, two European cities were in the top 10 along with two North American cities. Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Toronto, and Washington D.C were ranked at fourth, eighth, sixth and seventh position respectively.

The report’s Tokyo-based editor Researchers Naka Kondo said, ” Overall, while wealth is among the most important determinants of safety, the levels of transparency and governance correlate as closely as income with index scores. The research also highlights how different types of safety are thoroughly intertwined that it is rare to find a city with very good results in one safety pillar and lagging in others.”

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