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Karachi Police Installs 1000 New CCTV Cameras for Ashura Processions


On Tuesday, the Karachi Police installed 1000 new CCTV cameras in more than twenty-five areas of Karachi for the security of the Ashura’s main procession, reported ARY News.

As per the Police, 1000 new surveillance cameras have been installed on the route of the main procession of Ashura which will be taken out from Nishter Park.

On the other hand, the police have also installed a hundred police surveillance mobiles with CCTV cameras for the security of the processions and Majlis in Muharram. Also, the Command and Control Center will be monitoring the processions.

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The processions will also be inspected through drones says the Karachi Police.

All the law enforcement agencies in the port city have been asked to ensure strict security arrangements during the Ashura processions and Majlis. The commissioner also asked all concerned civic departments to provide all facilities to people attending the processions.

The deputy commissioners, the senior police official, and some other officials briefed the Karachi Commissioner about all the arrangements.

On the other hand, the Police Department of Peshawar developed a new mobile application for the security during Muharram-ul-Haram.

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