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Karachi Police Arresting People for Throwing Garbage in Public Areas

The government of Sindh announced to act against the ones found polluting Karachi’s public spots, roads and bazaars. As per a recently issued notification by the Sindh home department, anybody found in the act of littering the city or dumping garbage on the public places would be dealt with strictly.

The Sindh home department has long been trying to clear the trash dumps from Karachi and Hyderabad, but they have not succeeded as per the expectations. It has now decided to ban littering in random places that are not meant for garbage dumps.

Karachi Police took immediate action and has started arresting people who are found breaking this rule. Initially, two people were arrested by the police from Karachi as they were found throwing garbage on the main road. Many more arrests followed which were made from Garden, Khawaja Ajmer Nagri and Saudabad areas on the same charges too.

The arrested individuals were brought in front of the local court and later they were released on bail.

Adil Khan—SHO who made these arrests said that the government has given clear directions to arrest any person who is found throwing garbage in the open.

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Additionally, the notification included that action would be taken against anyone who would be found burning rubbish piles in the bazaars, public places or roads of the city.

The random trash dumping in open areas not just causes pollution in the environment but also affects adversely on the health of the people living in the surrounding areas, as stated in the notification.

On the orders of Supreme Court (SC), the appointed water commission has also taken notice of the medical, domestic and industrial waste being dumped in open places.

A hearing session was held earlier in February, chaired by Justice (Retd) Amir Hani Muslim, during the session he observed that there has been no improvement noticed whatsoever in the sanitation situation of the city. While talking about his recent visit to the city, he said that he saw unattended garbage dumps in different places of Karachi.

Justice (Retd) Amir Hani also mentioned about the cleanliness of the government hospitals. He told the provincial health secretary that the hygiene situation of the hospitals is bad as per his observation on his latest inspection visit to the facilities.

He said that the public hospitals were not abiding by the rules of medical waste disposal, hence the waste could be seen dumped in the streets closer to the hospitals.

Fazulullah Pechuho—Secretary Health said that he knows the facts and added that he along with his department would make sure to make the needed efforts to improve the situation.

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