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Karachi Is The Least Livable City Around The World

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) revealed rankings of most and least livable cities around the world. Karachi was ranked as the world’s least livable city. In the listing of 140 cities, Karachi was given 134th position, only better than Port Moresby, Dhaka, Tripoli, Lagos, and Damascus.

The criteria for ranking these cities was the strength, health facilities, culture and atmosphere, education and infrastructure. These were the qualitative and quantitative factors upon which cities were ranked.

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Now the survey didn’t include cities of conflict and war like Kabul or Baghdad. It only included those cities where travelers might want to go.

The most livable city title went to Melbourne for the seventh consecutive time. Other than this three cities of Canada and two more from Australia also made to top ten most habitable cities around the globe.

Karachi also remained in 134th position for the third consecutive year. So since 2015 ranking, the city has not improved nor got worse in any of the five criteria’s mentioned above.