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Karachi Govt Schools Result is only 9percent in Matric Exams

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The annual matric results have exposed the effective education policy of the Sindh Government. Only 9percent students have passed from the government schools this year.

The Sindh government claimed that they have spent a billion rupees in order to improve the condition of the public schools but up till now, it has not been translated into results.

The (BSEK) Board of Secondary Education showed statistics about the number of students who passed matric exams. In total, they are 110,924 and 10,085 students out of these are those who study in government schools.

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This breakdown in the grades attained by the government schools draws an even scarier picture.

In the science examination, around 111,000 appeared in the exam and out of them only 10,688 girls and 5,206 boys were able to get an A1 grade. In this ratio, 26 boys and 148 girls belonged to the government schools.

Overall 17,279 girls and 13,329 boys achieved an A1 grade and out of the 8852 girls and 258 boys were the ones studying in government schools.

Those who secured B from the public schools are in total 1,836 girls and 931 boys. 1,593 girls and 2,204 boys obtained a C grade and 1,822 boys and 353 girls passed out with a D grade.

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