Karachi Farmers Using Sewer Water for Growing Vegetables

sewer water

The farmers in Karachi are using sewer water for growing vegetables over hundreds of acres next to the extensively polluted Malir River. The area is yielding toxic vegetables for the city residents.

The food crops near the river are not just affected by the untreated industrial waste but, they are also blocking the 36-inch diameter of the main sewerage carrier channel, as per the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB).

Asadullah Khan—the KWSB Managing Director has taken notice of the matter and has informed the Deputy Commissioner of the Korangi District.

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The unlawful cultivation is obstructing in the disposal of waste which could affect the many colonies in the neighbouring areas. Asadullah Khan referred to the practice as a serious health risk for the residents.

A land-utilization official gave confirmation to the practice of cultivation making use of sewage water, adding that a raid is anticipated by the district administration in the days to come.

In the meantime, one should avoid using the vegetables grown in the surrounding areas.

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