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Karachi Eat—2018 on the 12th,13th and 14th Jan

Karachi the city of lights would be hosting the Karachi Eat Festival this month on the 12th, 13th and 14th of January 2018.

Karachi Eat is a platform where all the food lovers come together. The concept of the festival is built around the idea of making a common place for all the foodies to come together and be together.

Get ready for the biggest EAT FESTIVAL yet.Mark the dates – 12 / 13 / 14 January for #KhiEAT18 #TheBigEat #5thAnniversary

Posted by Karachi Eat Food Festival on Monday, January 8, 2018

Omar Omari and Aslam Khan are the people behind this festive Karachi Eat. They when inquired about their inspiration behind this festival said that being architects they are always looking around for ways to make the city better and for contributing in some way to the society.

They further mentioned that the concept behind the eat festivals is to make people relive the public places by making such environment that would compel people to come forward and be together in one space.

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They also mentioned that this would be the fifth year of the festival and with every passing year the event has successfully grown heaps. They said that it is now more than an eating festival rather it is a national phenomenon.

Aslam told that the concept was launched back in 2014 in Karachi and it has now branched out to Lahore and most recently to Islamabad. He mentioned that both Lahori’s and Islooites were welcoming towards the festival.

The festival would be held at the Benazir Bhutto Park, Opposite Boat Basin. The park would be changed into foodie land for three consecutive days of eating drinking, fun, and entertainment.

This festival is one of its kind celebrating the variety of food that the city has to offer from talented and renown chefs to the local street vendors.

Karachiites are definite food lovers and the food is something that goes beyond the idea of body’s need for them. They love to eat, and they improvise ways of making their foods as scrumptious as possible. Through this festival, the values of great flavours and pleasures would be embraced. It would also provide the chance to people to engage themselves in the pleasurable act of tasting various kind of good quality food while at the same time the chance of meeting the chefs who created these heavenly dishes.

The passes for the festival would be available at the venue at the cost of rupees three hundred. There is a discount offer of hundred rupees refund in case one download the app Keenu.

The festival is packed with many attractions other than just food. There would be the live performance of Aaroh.

There would be famous food brands like California Pizza, London Fries, The Waffle Witch, Kaybees and many more.

Festivals like Karachi Eat are good for the overall health of the society as it provides a chance for people to enjoy something at affordable rates other than the already available entertainment and fun-filled choices.

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